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Optimize your programs

Featuring ASPACK by Alexei Solodovnikov © 1998-1999


With ASPack, you can easily decrease the size of your .EXE and .DLL files.

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What is ASPack ?
ASPack features and benefits
Why we recommend ASPack
Download ASPack

What is ASPack ?

You have just made a new great software... It contains many resources and pictures and the .exe file size is over a megabyte...

Moreover, you wish to protect it against small hackers wishing to remove the registration-checking subroutine...

ASPack is for you !

ASPack will reduce the file size of your .exe and .dll files, by packing them and including a small decompression code in them so they can be executed properly at runtime.

Decreasing the file size and protecting your programs of reverse engineering and disassembling has never been easier !

ASPack features and benefits


  • Advanced processing of executable files (exe, dll, ocx)
  • Encoding and compression of program code, data, and resources
  • Completely transparent, self-contained operation with long filename support
  • Fast decompression routines deliver better performance than competing products
  • Integrates directly into Windows as a shell extension for ease of use
  • Full Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT compatibility


  • Significant reduction in executable file sizes, averaging from 40-70%
  • Decrease load times across networks, and download times from the internet
  • Embedded Windows applications require significantly less storage space
  • Protects resources and code against peeking, disassemblers and decompilers
  • No runtime royalties for distributing compressed programs
  • Compatible with executables created by Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Basic, Inprise (Borland) Delphi and C++ Builder, and other Win32 compilers

Why we recommend ASPack

I have personally used ASPack for protecting and packing my utilities and I am very happy with it.

I have tested it with many other programs on my hard disk and most of the time, the programs were still working perfectly, and the size was generally divided by two.

I think this is a very useful program.

Download ASPack

Download the latest version from
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