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Free backgrounds, bullets, buttons, lines. Improve, host, advertise your web site, and earn extra revenue.


Free Delphi, Visual Basic and Javascript samples. Promote and sell your own sof tware.


Free new maps and levels. Shareware and freeware games. Online gaming zones.


Shareware and freeware tools. Improve your computer. Browse the best sites around the web.

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About this site

You may wish to learn more about Nairolf.Net. We have prepared a complete list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for you. Answers are given by the webmaster.

However, if you don't find here what you are looking for, feel free to Contact us and ask your question ! We will reply soon.

When was Nairolf.Net launched ?
Who operates Nairolf.Net ?
What does "Nairolf" means ?
What's the purpose of this web site ?
Where does the money to afford this web site come from ?
When is this site updated ?
Where can I see the statistics of this website ?
What can I do to help this website to grow ?
Can I advertise my own web site on Nairolf.Net ?

When was Nairolf.Net launched ?

Nairolf.Net domain name was officially registered at InterNIC on February 15 1999. However, Nairolf.Net succeeded to the "Nairolf Home Page", my personal page, which was published online and animated since August 1996 till February 1999.

Who operates Nairolf.Net ?

Well, just one person at the moment : me :-)

What does "Nairolf" mean ?

It's just my first name written backwards, and so it is my nickname :-)

"Nairolf" is not a trademark, however I use this nickname to copyright most of my work.

What's the purpose of this web site ?

Nairolf.Net is meant to be a website providing free resources and tips to people who love computers as much as I do. Although it is hard for a single person to build, manage and update a professional-looking website, I will do what I can to maintain and operate as long as possible Nairolf.Net ! ;-)))

The best way for me to make sure the resources are free is to create them and release them freely. However, free resources collected from other websites can be published here, and resources posted by their authors can also be hosted on Nairolf.Net.

All the resources published here are optimized for smallest filesize possible, to save bandwidth and disk ocupation for users.

Where does the money to afford this web site come from ?

Nairolf.Net is a nonprofit website. However, it needs some money to cover the web hosting / domain name fees, the Internet subscription and connections to update the site and to seek for the best resources to collect and post here.

To help me not to waste my money in giving away free stuff to the world, Nairolf.Net website is an affiliate partner with several other websites. Through banner ads, Nairolf.Net is sponsored and generates a small monthly revenue.

When is this site updated ?

Nairolf.Net hasn't been updated frequently from November 1999 to October 2000, due to a lack of free time. It should be over now as I plan to rebuild some pages, add new ones, create new software, add new links and contents.

I plan to update the site at least one or two times per month, and weekly if possible. So, check back often for new contents, and feel free to submit me things you believe useful for users !

Where can I see the statistics of this website ?

Due to no updates during a long time, the statistics are still in raw log files. They will be downloaded and computed soon, and put online. Later, you will be able to check real-time stats.

What can I do to help this website to grow ?

You can do the following :

- Write me an e-mail to tell me you like this site ;-)
- Come back whenever you want
- Report mispellings and typos, HTML problems.
- Tell your friends about Nairolf.Net.
- Submit your own resources and get them hosted on Nairolf.Net.
- Visit the Nairolf.Net sponsors sometimes (but, hey, not too often, it would sound strange ... !)

I run a web site. Can I have my banner hosted on Nairolf.Net ?

Not at the moment.