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Create a setup package

Featuring INF-Tool by Richey F. © 1999


With INF-Tool, you can easily create a SETUP.EXE file which will automatically install your program on Windows.

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What is INF-Tool ?
INF-Tool features and benefits
Why we recommend INF-Tool
Download INF-Tool

What is INF-Tool ?

Making a great software is just half the job... You still need to create an installation package.

Don't make your own installation software, there is already a very simple way to create your own SETUP.EXE program !

INF-Tool is a setup authoring software. It will ask you which files you want to install and where, and it will create a windows-based application like you can see when installing a professional software.

INF-Tool features and benefits


  • Create setup solutions for your programs, updates or demos
  • Select from 6 distribution options
  • Generate Single-EXE setups, ZIP or CAB distribution kits
  • Generate multi-volume packages
  • Supports 25 languages
  • Allows encryption of distributed SETUP.EXE (with password-unciphering)
  • Full Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT compatibility


  • Generate extremely small SETUP.EXE files
  • Automatically uses the internal Windows INF technology, no user action or specifical knowledge needed
  • Generate very small (1-3 Kb) setup batch files
  • Generate setup packages unrecognizable to other unpackers
  • One of the most flexible and highest integrated Setup programs available, especially suited for Internet or common Network distribution

Why we recommend INF-Tool

I have personally used INF-Tool for creating setup packages for my utilities and I am very happy with it.

It generates very small SETUP.EXE files and I can distribute over the world small programs. It is far more efficient than Install Shield.

I think this is a very useful program.

Download INF-Tool

Download the latest version from Inner-Smile.Com
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